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[F4M] The Deepest Throat -or- You Should Have Put a Ring on It [dick growth] [boob growth] [really quite ridiculous amounts of supernatural] [self-controlled] [deus ex machina? more like deu sex cock-in-'er] [such fantasy] [wow]

Performers: Female
Listeners: Male


It's time to indulge once again in some growth fantasies - and this time, they are both in control, all thanks to a pair of nifty, mysteriously magical engagement rings...

Honey... did you have a nice nap? *kiss* I hope you did, you looked bushed when you came home today... Yes, I know, it's nice just to lay back and stretch out after a long day... Wait... are you seeing what I'm seeing? ...ooh, it looks like they've recharged again. Our rings, they're glowing, very faintly... yours blue and mine red. Yes, get your ring and put it on, honey. Oh, this is always so much fun. I can't believe you just found these magical engagement rings on eBay. You're right... A++, would buy again. Or maybe more like... double-D... Okay, so are you getting undressed too, sleepyhead? You fell asleep in your work clothes, and you know what happened last time... ooooh, god I love that body just the way it is, you know that, right? Good... so let's have some fun... *stud*. So get those boxers off too... and just look at me... stupid bra... there we go. Oooh, yes... see me stroking myself all over, my hands all over this body... you know you want it, honey. These yummy curves... and big tits... these nipples are hard for you already... oh fuck yes, he's off to the races. I love getting a rise out of you. It's plumping up so fast... so veiny and throbbing... mmm, lovely... You're so hard... no, I don't mind waiting, this is very pleasant, just watching it spasm towards the end... there. Oh, god, this would be plenty for any woman... but I liked it, and I put a ring on it, so I get a bit more... I can see it's activated, honey... go for it... wait, let me put my hands around it... okay, now, make it really thick... ...ooooh, I will never get used to this feeling, to my fingers being spread like this... it's so warm to the touch. I don't even know where it's all coming from, your skin is not pulled taut... this feels gorgeous, it's like an inverse stress ball, I press this stiff thing and I get all worked up! oh, speaking of balls, how could I miss them? they're enormous... look, you're overflowing the palm of my hand... all of that yummy cum, just for me. stroke it? I'd love to give you a hand... well, or however many hands it takes. this is such an incredible feeling... your skin is so soft but your cock is so hard, right underneath. you like me rubbing you slowly back and forth? yes, if you want to I can be a bit rougher... wow, there's hardly any give... well! I'm getting myself into a trance here, and you don't even need to dangle that thing in front of me... you know what we just have to do now... oh yes, I can still remember the first time you realized we could do this... yes, you looked kinda like that, mesmerized by the pink glow... but you should really be looking at my boobs instead, seeming as how they're the ones growing. oh yes, fuck... does it feel this good for you too when you grow? like a stronger erection... I assume that's a yes then! fuck yes, you like them filling out... well, the best thing about this is how I can make them harder and move their center inwards, as if they're magnetic and attract each other... okay, I'd better turn that off first, while you slide that gorgeous dick in there... there we go, now, let me turn that back on, my very own organic no-wires push-up bra... oh, fuck, it feels so good. I hear that groan, honey... that lovely groan... and I raise you feeling your shaft between my warm, pliant tits... so let me try this again, I'm getting better at it every month even if it takes a lot of concentration... there, you feel that, baby? I'm titfucking you just by growing them one at a time and adjusting them a bit... oh, you're blissing out, and I can see why, I'm nearly cumming just looking at that, fuck, that's hot... okay, I have to stop now, that's a lot of work and I don't want to get a headache... *kiss kiss kiss* aw, thanks... I know you love that, and I do too. and speaking of things I love... let's get these pillows behind my neck and really go for it... I'll just get a little bit bigger for you, and it's time for you to kick in the next gear. oh, I swear, the best thing about this is that I get to see this as it happens... that's so... sooo sexy... I can see it getting longer, inching its way towards me, escaping my tits, up towards me... fuck, I just have to rub your cock with my huge boobs just like this, oh, damn, feels so fucking good... you are rock hard and headed right for my mouth... remember how surprised we were the first time this happened, honey? it's soooo weird, the way it bulges inwards so that I can take you even though you're much bigger than my mouth... not to mention how you'll always fit, all of you... oh yes, you're finally here... mmmmmppphhh... yes, fuck my mouth... and my tits... pump that long dick back and forth, and let me stroke that part in the middle as I suck on you with my mouth full... [sucking sounds] what happened, you're going a lot faster now... oh yes, I licked you... oh, I guess that's like licking all of that cock that magically fits in my mouth at the same time! jesus... no wonder you shuddered! but hey... if it does this anyway and I never gag... want to try something new? okay, good, so move it out from between my tits... yes, I know it's so sexy, honey, but I think you'll like this too... there we go, and now get up on your knees... yes, and walk all the way up towards me, literally, put it all in there... [mouth really, really full now] okay... and now tell me how this feels... holy fuck... oh you liked that, huh, me licking every fucking inch of that cock at the same time... so how about me sucking it then? oh good god, this is so intense, I have to... oh, you're catching on, make those balls bigger, I want so much cum... fuck yes, let me suck you until you cum and start shooting inside me... [more sucking] mmmmm, mmmmhhhm... [sounds of swallowing, muffled: oh yes, wait, it's still too much, pull out... god, there's too much to pull out... do you ever end? please hurry] [vacuum sucking sound as head finally escapes] oh finally... oh god, you're coming all over me, all over my face... back up even more, honey, get it all over my tits... no, I'll make them even bigger, and stand straight out... that's right, cover them, don't leave any spots, be thorough, honey... that's right... you'll have to part them and cover my cleavage too... yes, and lift them and coat the underside... oh, god and my pussy, shoot some on my pussy, it's so hot and wet... oh god, I'm cumming from that... fuck, from the impact on my clit... you're finally running dry... oh this is so much fun... wow... talk about owning my body... mmm, so tasty, and so much of it... we won't need dinner tonight. yes, I think you should have some too, you can lick up the parts in my cleavage and pussy and on my nipples... it tasted like strawberries this time! I wonder if we can figure out how to change that too. I'd like to make your meat taste like meat and your nuts like nuts... okay, we'll catch our breath and eat all this cum and then you can figure out how you want to take my pussy... okay, baby? oh fuck yes, I married the right man... he knows how to shop for rings... *kiss kiss kiss*