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[F4M] Dessert for Both of Us [Script Offer] [F4M] [GFE] [Office] [Lunch Break] [Visiting at Work] [Encouragement] [Bringing lunch] [Spoiling the Listener] [Blowjob] [Under the Desk] [Brief Facefucking] [Good Boy] [Choose Your Own Honorifics]

Performers: Female
Listeners: Male


Your partner has been having a tough week, so you decide to bring lunch from his favorite restaurant to him while he's at work. It's your day off. You determine that he needs some spoiling and encouragement, and mutual enjoyment occurs.

Note: If you would like to substitute honorifics for yourself ("Mommy", "Miss", etc.) in place of "I" and/or substitute honorifics for the listener ("Baby boy", "My Prince", etc.) in place of "you", that is both perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged. Key: You can *stress* these words to make a *point*. [Vocal Direction] Before the word/sentence. [SFX Sound or Direction]
 [Interior door opening] Hey, baby! No, don't get up yet. Let me set all of this stuff down first. [Bags rustling and being set on a table] I'll just close the door here. [Interior door closing] [More quietly, to yourself] I think I'll go ahead and *lock it* [He asks what you said] What? Oh. [Brightly] I just always feel so *fancy* when I visit your office. It really is nice. Now, come *here* [Long hug] Hmmmm! I've missed you today. Yes, I know you only left the house a few hours ago. What's in the bags? Well, I told you before you left that I would bring you lunch. It will be your lunch hour in [You check your watch] about a minute.  So, if we can move it to your desk without spilling anything... Open it! [Bags rustling and maybe containers opening] See? It's your favorite, from that place on the corner. I also got their new side dish that you like. Enjoy! [You take a seat in front of the desk.] [He begins eating, then asks you a question.] Am I joining you? No, baby. You know that I always eat lunch fairly early on my days off. No, it's *not* "weird", I like being able to eat on my own schedule when not at work. [A couple of minutes pass, in-story] What? I'm not *staring*. ... Ok, fine, you know that I like watching you eat. It makes me feel good, particularly when I've either fixed or bought the food for you. On that note, is there something that I can do to make *you* feel good? I know you've been having a tough week. How can I make my baby feel better? [He answers] You want time with me after you eat? [Confused] I'm here now. What-- [Realization] Oh! You want to feel better *that* way. Of course, darling, but you don't have to wait. [You stand up and step forward] Here, let me come around to the side of your desk. Now, if you'll just roll your chair back far enough for me to get under there... Thank you. [You get situated under the desk] God, I *love* being on my knees for you! [Very gentle from here on] Let me just take your shoes off and set them aside. ... Now I'll undo your belt and take your slacks off. [Belt buckle sounds] [Zipper and clothing sounds] There we go. [Cloth rustling] Mmm. You like it when I nuzzle you through your clothes, don't you? Lift up, baby. I'll slide your underwear off. Good boy. Now, you don't need to do anything else until you finish eating. Just relax and enjoy. Think of this like... dessert, for both of us. Now, I'm just gonna start with a little taste.... [A long lick, then brief sucking sounds] *God*, you taste amazing! [Sucking in earnest for a little while] [Possibly encourage him to play with your breasts and/or your hair with his free hand, then resume sucking] [Backing off for a moment] I know you like it when I lick the base. [Licking the base of his cock for a bit] Let's not forget your balls, though. They need attention, too. [Ball-sucking for approximately double the length of time that you spent on the base of his cock] Now, back to your beautiful cock. [Sucking his cock again for just a little bit, because...] [He finishes eating] [You back off] [Hopeful] Are you finished with your lunch? [He answers in the affirmative] [Brightly] Good. Put both of your hands in my hair, please. [He complies] Now I want you to fuck my face. [He seems a bit a hesitant] Baby, we both need it. [Gently encouraging] Now, forget about everything else and Fuck. My. *Face*. [Gagging for the space of a few thrusts] [He pulls out] [Gasping slightly] *More*! [More energetic Face-fucking] [Feeling that he's getting close, you back off] Are you close? Come on, baby, cum for me. [Putting his cock partway back in your mouth / on your tongue] *Cum*! [Resume face-fucking until orgasm] *Fuuuuuck yes!* Give me more! Give me *all* of it! I love your cum, baby. It's *delicious*. Let me just get the last few drops off the tip... [Brief licking] Thank you, baby. [He begins to move] No, no, stay. Stay right here. I'll rest my head on your thighs. You just relax and enjoy the afterglow. [Playful] You don't have to let me out until you're ready. ... [A little time passes in-story] You're right. You probably should put your clothes back on. [Both of you standing up] [Clothing and belt sounds] There we are. Now, come here and let me hold you. [Long hug] Mmmmmm. [Rubbing his back] In just a few more hours, you'll be home. Then, we can enjoy each other *all* night. Okay, baby? Good boy.